Monday, September 18, 2006

Better Blocks

My new sewing machine rocks! I can't believe I had so much buyer's remorse before. Just wait until you see these new blocks. No whining this time about how they are the best I could do and how eventually I'll get better and whatever other excuses I came up with for flat-topped triangles and points that don't meet. My new Pfaff has fixed a lot of that. With that sewing machine, even I am a good quilt top piecer.

So, let's get started, shall we? Here's Great Lakes Star:

The colors are so pale, it's a little hard to see. I wouldn't normally choose these colors--I'm more of an earth tones person with occasional bursts of strong colors. But I decided I should stretch my horizons and work with something I wouldn't normally, thus the pastel colors.

Here's Winding Way. Really, really proud of this one. Sure, I had to rip out a few seams, and reposition and try again. And sure, I had to go buy more material because even though I measured twice and cut once, I still goofed. Now I read the instructions at least twice, measure a few times, then cut. Oh well, operator error does happen.

Here's a close up of one of the corners. Please notice the way the points meet in the middle. And the way the big triangle point meets the small triangle point above it. Huh? Cool. It's amazing how this little thing just makes me so happy.

And a close up of the center. See how all those triangles actually have pointy tops!?! *girlie happy noise*

Still more blocks to come, and I'm no longer afraid. I might be lulling myself into a false sense of security, but I'll enjoy it while I can.

And, I'm still knitting on the shawl. I love the way this is turning out.

This first one is a little washed out, but you can see the pattern. The second pic is a better representation of the color.


Betty said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. I love the colors in the quilt tops. And I like the pattern in the shawl, too.

Susan said...

Nicely done Kell! I'm quite impressed :)

I've got some pumpkin cookies in the oven for lunches right now. Mmmmm they smell so good!

saz said...

I love the soft colors in the quilt - I'm so impressed!

Shawl is "loverly" - making me want to get out my needles.

Newt said...

Beautiful! I love the pastel colors. I flip-flop between pastel and jewel tones. I guess it depends on if I am feeling light and fluffy girly or sensuous and naughty girly. Whatever that means :-)

mike said...

The shawl looks beautiful but I'm a long way from attempting anythign like that with my beginner's skills.

Kell said...

Susan--mmmmmmmm, I think I'll have to make some of those.

Saz--Tis the season for knitting, ya know.

Newt--These colors are really pretty, it's just some of the patterns on the fabric I'm not so wild about. But the colors sure are purty.

Mike--A shawl is just a giant scarf. This shawl is all knit and purl, nothing fancy. It just looks difficult. You'd be surprised what you can do!

F&W said...

Oh you're doing such a nice job! The squares are gorgeous. I wish I had the patience (and the Pfaff of course).

What a beautiful shawl pattern. I know I liked it before but know I love it. If I saw that at a craft fair, I'd be buying one for sure... in a warm toffee colour. Yes, toffee.

Lisa said...

Kell, you actually presented this in such a way that it made me--the 4-H dropout--think sewing could be fun! Very nicely done.

saz said...

Kell - I have a request...when you present the shawl to your granny will you take a picture of her wearing it and post on your blog?

Kell said...

Lisa--It's amazing what the right tool will do!

Saz--If I'm there, I will. I'll ask my aunt to take a picture of her in it for me. I don't always get to see her at Christmas :(