Friday, September 22, 2006

Sweeping Away the Cobwebs

We were watching the season premier of CSI:NY the other night. Guess Al was getting a little frustrated with the story line because he said, “Well, I guess they get all their exercise making intuitive leaps.”

We also like to joke about the “magic flashlight” on those CSI shows. They never turn on lights, and even when there is plenty of light, they still use their flashlights, and they always, always find something teeny tiny. It’s magic.


Al can’t wait for the weekend. We are getting an Apple Store and the grand opening is Saturday! If I don’t watch out, he’s going to want to retire here—Apple Store, BMW Motorcycles, a bar with the most single malts outside of Scotland (over 500). He may never leave. But then again, winter hasn’t set in yet.


It rained all day yesterday, and I love rainy days. Unfortunately, I was driving in it, which I don’t love. But I got home as quickly as I could so that I could raise all the blinds and sit and enjoy it. I listened to the Manheim Steamroller Halloween CD and did some knitting. It was one of those days that I didn’t mind being a bored housewife.


Al goes out of town next week, and I want to see a movie. He’s not a big movie guy, and I’m behind in my movie watching, plus I really need to get out of the house more. Unfortunately, there’s not much I want to see. I’ve heard that Little Miss Sunshine is great, so maybe. Maybe The Illusionist or Hollywoodland. Or maybe I’ll just stay home and watch Harry Potter movies again.


Madrid has banned runway models who were overly thin saying that young girls try to emulate the unhealthy look....Duh. The next “Duh” moment in the article is the whining by American modeling agents, saying they’re being used as scapegoats for illnesses like anorexia and bulimia. Sorry sweetie, but you’re not just a scapegoat.


The pumpkin patches are opening this weekend and next.--a sure sign of Fall! That plus the sound of the high school band rehearsing just puts me in a good mood. We’re entering my favorite time of year, and it’s about damn time. Is it just me or does summer get longer every year? OK, it’s just me, but really, I’m so sick of wearing the same ol’ summer clothes. I’m ready for sweaters and long skirts and boots. Boots! Some women go crazy for the stappy-high heel, I got crazy for high-heeled long leather boots. I think I’ll leave it at that.


Quick Halloween memory: I was handing out candy in our San Antonio neighborhood when a group of pre-teens came up. While taking their sugary loot, one of the kids said, “Hey, she looks like your mom!” They blithely turn away and I say, “Unless she’s in her 20s and hot, that’s not a compliment!” I should have taken back their candy.


We’re watching the end of Shark, a new series starring James Woods. The teenage daughter has decided to stay with her dad instead of her mom and tells him it’s because he needs her. Then John Hiatt’s “Have a Little Faith in Me” starts to play. I have a stupid grin on my face and am trying to hold back the tears. Al says, “Oh give me a break! How stupid.” And thus endeth the lesson on the difference between husband and wife. Well, at least this husband and wife.


And to give you a peek into the great Midwest state of Nebraska, here’s a sign of the restaurant that Al and the other riders stopped at on their weekly motorcycle run:

Yeah! We may not have a fancy Four Seasons restaurants or some big celebration like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but we celebrate testicles. Top that.


Jay said...

I would have had the same reaction as Al. I'm not watching any of the new season shows. I don't want to get into any of them and get obsessed with them.

Testical festivals... A festival I can join!

F&W said...

Magic flashlights! Yes, that's what they are. Whenever they break them out, Brent says, "Why do they do that?" I always reply, "Shhh! It's in the script!"

I love fall clothes too! That's why I'm looking for new boots. Not high-heeled though. Too tricky for negotiating the big hill to the bus stop. :)

I haven't seen it but I also hear Little Miss Sunshine is fab.

Yay for the ban on skinny runway chicks! I had an idea in mind years ago to start lobbying for the ban on window mannequins that don't accurately represent measurements. Even when they are supposed to represent a "skinny" body they are waaaaay to skinny and completely out of proportion. Why else would the clothes be all pinned up at the back of all of them?!

The Testicle Festival? Obviously I've got a few things to learn about Nebraska! LOL

Peggy said...

There is a former boyfriend (we're on friendly terms) of mine that lives just outside Lincoln. When we were dating, he took me to Runza - that was pretty bad. I'll have a big old bite of testicle before I ever eat at a Runza again.

Tink said...

What a great hodgepodge! I think anyone could find something to love in that post.

"Little Miss Sunshine" was a great movie. A little slow in parts, but very well written/performed.

I can't wait to go pick out pumpkins. I love October... and Halloween. Last year Hoop went with me to pick out pumpkins. I stood in front of the bins calling out, "Alright. Who wants to come home with us?" And I'll be damned, one fell out and rolled over to our feet.

And then I didn't bring it home because it was bruised from the fall lol.

Kell said...

Jay--I'm watching some of them, but only to get answers from the cliffhangers that I for some reason saw last season. For someone who doesn't watch much network tv, I seem to always catch shows the end with "to be continued."

Chelle--Scotland did the same thing for their fashion shows coming up. They still look beautiful even though they are a (gasp) size 4 or 6!

Peggy--There are Runzas every where here. I haven't eaten there because one of my friends made a joke about it's called Runza 'cuz you get the runs if you eat there. I can't even look at the building.

Tink--I love picking out pumpkins, too, and used to go to local church to get mine. But here, it's big business with admission prices. But I'm going; it'll give me something to blog about.

Newt said...

CSI: I watched it for the first time at my folks. So we are sitting there quietly and I was getting really agitated over the dark set and the flashlight use. "Turn on the F&^%$'n lights" Oh crap, I just yelled that outloud. As my mom gives me that "mom" stare and my dad jumps awake (he watches the show with his eyes closed and snoring). Too funny.

I love the randomness. Awesomely fun to read.

And Dad keeps telling me to go see the Illusionist. He loved it. So that's my two cents (from dad)

Oh, and I started "The Bookman's Promise" - he sucks you in really really good after just page 3. Yeah, that's pretty much ALL I'll be doing this weekend.

Kell said...

Newt--I'm ready for "The Bookman's Promise." I liked Bookman's Wake a lot--read it in a couple of days. Of course, it was due back at the library.

BTW, I think I'm going to start the Vampire Hunter books by Laurel Hamilton. Seems like a good read for Halloween. You've read those, haven't you?

saz said...

I'm so jealous you had a rainy day and the pumpkins are out. It's still on the warm side here but they are bringing out the pumpkins and the orange and yellow flowers and plants. Whole Foods has a big display of Pumpkin Ale and some other Halloween type beer - I even enjoy THAT first sign of Fall tho it sounds hideous to drink!

Kell said...

Saz--actually, Pumpkin Ale isn't that bad. It's not sweet, it just has a hint of that pumpkin spice flavor. I don't like fruit beer, but I like this one.

Lisa said...

Hey, Kell, I saw Little Miss Sunshine this weekend and I recommend it!