Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wow! It's Just Wow!

Elvis Costello and Diana Krall are going to have a baby! He's 51 and she's 41, and they're going to have a baby. First of all, I'm a HUGE Krall fan, and I kind of like him, too. And I don't know, I'm 40. And I just kind of feel like my chance to have kids is past, and here's this couple having a baby! Of course, they have whole lot more money than I have, and I don't know what they had to go through to get pregenant, but still, it's just kind of cool that there's going to be a little musical baby genius. OK, and I have to say it, that union is just on this side of odd any way, so a baby?!?


saz said...

Ok Kell - Just a little encouragement for you at "40"....recent study says men think women look their best in their 40's. I thought that whole decade was the best of my life so enjoy yourself!

Kell said...

Thanks, Saz. I admit it's been rough for me. Waaaay too much revaluating and no action. So, you're right, I'm going to start enjoying myself!