Monday, June 26, 2006

Oh Please.

Well, let's see. Bush is furious at the NY Times for an article disclosing a program to secretly monitor the financial tracking of potential terrorists. I'm sorry, is this the same administration that leaked the name of a CIA operative because her husband was speaking out against the war in Iraq? Hmmmm. I think it is!

Bush is claiming that the NY Times was irresponsible because we are at war, people! Wow. Such insight from our leader is just, just riveting. Never mind that they use the media to their advantage to plant the stories they want and to their benefit. And never mind that if he thinks that story surprises anyone, he really is clueless. And never mind that the administration had discussed this article with the Times before it was printed. And never mind that Bush spends more time defending the program than talking about the real danger of an article that could give terrorists a head's up to change their tactics.



Jay said...

And Bush seems to forget that the NYT printed ALL of the propoganda the admin handed them in the lead up to the war.

Betty said...

And, never mind that the Bush Administration gave the same story to the Los Angeles Times and Washington Post, etc., after they found out it was being published in the NY Times, just to keep the NY Times from having an exclusive.

saz said...

I can't even calm down enough to comment on this. But I did get a warm glow reading Rush Limbaugh was arrested at a Florida airport for illegal drugs - one of them being "viagra". Please - please let it be true.