Monday, July 14, 2008

While I Was Away

I thought I'd take a break from the Virginia stuff to let you in on what I was doing all those months I wasn't blogging.

I attended WhiskyFest in Chicago. I really came into my own regarding the water of life. We had a wonderful time with a group from the Dundee Dell.

This is George Grant from Glenfarclas. We love Glenfarclas.

Worked with other women in my quilt group to make a Nebraska quilt for the coordinator of the group who is moving. The center pinwheel blades are in the shape of the state of Nebraska. We made it with scraps from other quilts we made as a group, plus from our stash. I love this quilt and am thinking of making one of my own.

Bought a new car--a '93 Honda Element. It was in excellent condition and had less than 60,ooo miles. I love this car.

Had a birthday.

Worked with the women in the quilt group to make a quilt for Habitat for Humanity.

Cleaned a lot of mud off the dog

Knitted a bag holder--one of those that you pull bags from the bottom.

Knitted a Log Cabin baby blanket for my new cousin.

I'm knitting while here in Virginia, too, and will get some pictures up later. I've made a Christmas stocking and am making a scarf for Al (black, plain, simple black so he can wear it with his uniform) and a market bag. I'm trying to decide between the stockings or market bags for Christmas gifts.

I also read a lot during my break, mostly cozies. I'm still reading the Hamish MacBeth mysteries by MC Beaton and I read a few of the China Bayles mysteries by Susan Wittig Albert, but I kind of lost interest in those. While I'm here in the condo, I'm still reading the cozies. Funny that I used to tease my mother about reading those because they are all the same, but it's all I have patience for right now, and they are pretty enjoyable. But there are a lot of great used bookstores here, and I think I'll get some other books.

Anyone got any suggestions? What are you reading?


Jay said...

Hey I like that bag holder. That's pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, yeah ok bu you only just told me!!!
The quilt is lovely.
I think I would love your car too, plenty of room for the dog, clean or dirty!
Reading your bog right now!!!

Sparkling Red said...

The quilts and the baby blanket are gorgeous. You and your quilt group are very talented!

I'm reading "At the corner of East and Now: a modern life in ancient christian orthodoxy" by Frederica Mathewes-Green. (non-fiction) The author is the wife of an American-born Eastern Orthodox priest. She describes their conversion and spiritual life. It's fascinating!

Dianne said...

the quilts are beautiful!

I love Cosette peeking out of the back seat of the Element, she looks mysterious - or is that mischevious?

Anonymous said...

I noticed Cosette in the new car, she seems to like it too!

You're so good at the knitting and quilting, I'm envious. I haven't worked on the quilt I started about five years ago, but I think about it every once in a while.

I'm reading a Marika Cobbold book now, I can't remember the title-but I've read her other books and liked them. (Not a mystery but it's brain candy.) For mysteries, I like Karin Fossum-a minimum of gore plus they're all set in Norway, which is different. I recently discovered Elin Hilderbrand, she writes pretty good guilty-pleasure beach books. I also highly recommend Sarah Addison Allen's "Garden Spells" and "The Sugar Queen". So good, fun, and easy reading (by which I mean it doesn't tax the brain, pure entertainment.)

Peggy said...

I thought I'd just check in on ya and what you do you know? You've posted a couple of times!

I'm glad you're coming back to life a bit! Cosette looks gorgeous even when she's muddy!

fiwa said...

I love the quilts and the bag holder - that's a great idea.

I LOVE the Hamish MacBeth mysteries! They have a few on CD at our local library - I love the Scottish accent of the guy who reads them. McBeaton has a female mystery series too... Agatha something or other, but I like the Hamish MacBeth series better.