Friday, July 04, 2008

Checking In Again

I did warn you these posts could be sporadic. Kind of like the way my brain works.

Thank you for the kind comments welcoming me back, especially those of you stopping by from Jay's blog. Nice to know he has such good blog friends. I still haven't made the rounds to all the blogs I want to, but even if I haven't commented, I have been by.

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th. I spent most of it with an anxious dog who was pacing and panting. Poor thing. She finally jumped up in Al's lap, then jumped down, then jumped back up beside him and started to calm down. Gotta say I was a little jealous. Luckily, the fireworks aren't as bad here as they are at home in Omaha. Good Lord those people love their fireworks! Plus, a rainstorm came through. That kind of put a damper on things.

So, we're doing a lot of exploring here in Virginia. Mostly we've been to motorcycle shops (for Al), yarn shops (for me), coffee shops, liquor stores, and restaurants. You know, all the important stuff. Oh stop rolling your eyes at me, all that cultural/historical stuff will still be there in a couple of weeks. I'm gettin' to it.

We did go on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, and I'm not in any hurry to do that again. It's a little bit of an anxiety attack waiting to happen--A bridge that goes into a tunnel, that comes up into a bridge again, just to go down into another tunnel, and back up onto a bridge into the nothingness of the Eastern Shore. Oh sure, there are cute little Cape villages with pretty marinas full of really nice boats, but if you're thirsty at 10:30 in the morning, all you can do is a get a large sweet tea at Hardee's.

Here are a some pics of the bridge and Cape Charles.

The gap is the tunnel. We're heading for it.

Looks like we're going into the ocean, doesn't it?

Our GPS display in the tunnel. One lone black line amongst the blue.


Ritzy neighborhood in Cape Charles

The marina

Pretty boats


Added to all those thrilling experiences is the almost $20 it costs to drive on that heart-palpitating bridge/tunnel/bridge/tunnel/bridge. We were so far out on the bay that there weren't even any pleasure boats. There were no boats at all.

In other news, I've only eaten fresh steamed seafood once, and I'm very disappointed in myself. My plan was to eat seafood every day. Now I'm behind schedule. But now I have a goal; I mean a goal besides knitting and reading mysteries.

More later. I take my camera where ever I go, but sometimes, the best pictures are right at home:


Betty said...

I got a little nervous just looking at that bridge-tunnel-bridge thingy. Glad you're blogging again, by the way.

Anonymous said...

I would love to travel that bridge/tunnel, what an experience that must have been!
I use Nelson's Rescue Remedy for Milo when it is fire work time, it is a herbal calming remedy and it works ok for him.
great photos x

fiwa said...

Awww...Cosette! Your cousin Bitsy was freaked out too. At one point around 2am (our neighbors were still going strong with bottle rockets) she tried to crawl into the space between my neck and my chin. She's about Cosette's size. :-|

I love the pictures - it looks beautiful there. And the bridge would freak me out too!

lovins -

Dianne said...

Good Morning Cosette!! Those of us in NJ who spent the night hiding and barfing and yowling at the M-80s of our idiot neighbors salute you. We made it!!

Great photos. I did that bridge trip once (alone!!) and at one point was positive I was having an outer body anxiety attack.

Karen said...

Maybe I am the only one who isn't afraid of the bridge/tunnel LOL. I actually thought it was cool.

I love the picture of Cosette.

Jay said...

There is no way I would get on that bridge. No. Way.

Anonymous said...

I went on the bridge many years ago and I think I had my eyes shut the whole time. Good thing I wasn't driving.

I gave Spot tranquilizers this year, it worked great. Of course, since it rained there wasn't as much noise as there could have been, but it was a relief not to have to watch Spot pace and pant for four hours straight.

Cosette has such a kissable face!

Newt said...

Beautiful pictures. Of course my favorite is the last one. She is too darn cute. I'm glad you are posting again. I really missed you.

OneDaisy said...

I was having a panic attack just reading about it, the pics nearly sent me in to hysterics! You are my new hero for going through it. I would need to be highly intoxited and medicated. (ok I'm being a bit dramatic) but holy hell, that looks a little scary

Michelle Patterson said...

I'm so happy you're back! While I don't really blog anymore (my website is mostly for my photography), I come by here and Tink's just to check in. I missed you.

The whole tunnel/bridge/tunnel/bridge thing is too weird. No thanks!

Also, being from the west coast, it's interesting to me to see pics from the east. Gorgeous beaches. I think I'd like Virginia just fine. :-)