Friday, December 07, 2007

A Little Catching Up

Things have settled down a little here. The mall is still closed, and many churches, including ours, are holding prayer vigils. It's been very odd to live in a town where this kind of thing has happened, but I think things will slowly return to some semblance of normal because that's all we can do.


The house is decorated and the ingredients for fudge and cookies have been bought and are ready to be baked. Most presents have been bought and most knitting projects have been completed and are ready to ship to their new homes. We'll be staying here for Christmas and enjoying a quiet and peaceful Christmas. But of course, if anyone wants to come over, the door is always open! Just be prepared to to be licked to death by a fuzzy white dog.


I've added a few more blogs to my list of daily reads.

  • R.E.H. at Ramblings of a Madman has been blogging for a mere couple of months and man is he good! His writing is honest, raw, and funny.
  • Macoosh at A Chuisle Mo Chroi . . . always has something interesting to say. She's really busy with a new job right now, but keep checking in with her. She lived in Ireland for a while, which is reason enough for me to be in awe. I'd love to go to Ireland, especially now as I listen to Celtic Women singing "Oh Holy Night." But I digress.
  • Karen at Smiling Through It All is another wonderful writer who has already done and experienced so much in her young life, that she makes me wonder where all the time has gone. There's always something interesting going on over there.
So, go check them out!


Now I'm listening to Diana Krall singing "Jingle Bells." I love my iPod. I could turn the TV to "Sounds of the Season" which isn't too bad, really. Lots of standards and great singers. We turn that on every time we leave so that Cosette will have something to listen to. Al would prefer the classic rock station.

I've been taking it easy this week, sort of. Not only because we had 5 inches of snow and the roads were horrible, but also because I seem to have done something to my back. I know I fell on the ice Saturday, but could there be a delay before I felt it because it wasn't until Monday that my lower back started hurting. Anyway, it's slowly getting better, but I think it acted as a trigger for the MS because I'm having some trouble with my the left side of my body being a little weak. Nothing so bad that I can't keep going, but enough that I have to take breaks a lot throughout the day. I hate that. Put greenery and cranberry garland on the fireplace mantle, then sit down. Put a load of laundry in the washer and take the dry stuff upstairs. Then sit down while I fold. And why just sit when I can play tug-the-duck with the dog. Luckily, pretty much any activity with a young dog is followed by a nap. I told Al that if I'm still feeling this bad by Monday, I'll make an appointment with a doctor.


Now I'm listening to Loreena McKennitt singing "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen."

Saturday night I'm going to see Mandy Patinkin sing at the Performing Arts Center. I'm very excited and am hoping the next snow storm holds off long enough for me to get the there and get home. I took pity on Al and told him he didn't have to go with me. He was a good sport and went with me when Mr. Patinkin came to San Antonio. That was where we discovered that he is the most amazing singer and actor, but he's also really odd. Not bad, but there was some audience participation that was a little different. Anyone who wanted to could come up on stage and at a certain part in a song, they could all run up and touch him wherever they wanted. OooooKaaaaayyyy. I just wanna hear ya sing, dude. Actually, that's not true. If Al hadn't been there, I might have participated. I've loved Many Patinkin since I listened to the Evita cast recording in 1978.

Anyway, Al said that if the roads are bad, he'd take me and come pick me up. Is he the greatest or what?


Gotta go. "Snowfall" by Manhattan Transfer is playing and I just have to stop and listen to it. I just can't help imaging snow softly falling outside, the Christmas tree lit, and Al and me slow dancing to this song in front of a roaring fire. *Sigh* Who says I'm not a romantic?


Jay said...

The fall probably did trigger the back, which in turn probably set off the MS. Maybe it will settle back down quickly though.

Karen said...

Thank you so much for saying such nice things about me. I enjoy your blog very much. And I would love to read a excerpt from the NaNoWriMo (hint, hint) LOL.

I was also listening to Christmas music all day. I love it. I sometimes secretly listen to it in April.

R.E.H. said...

Thank you for adding my blog to your daily read, and speaking so highly of me.

The fall is indeed likely to be what's troubling your back. The delay could be due to a numbness after your fall.

Chelle Y. said...

Don't tell Jay, but I listen to the Country Christmas station! Haha!

Oh, that fudge sounds so yummy! I had a friend that used to make the best fudge, but she dies about ten years ago. I think of her all the time.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I stumbled across your blog by clicking comments here and there. I'm enjoying it! Christmas music is the best. Unless, of course, it's January through October. Notsomuch then.

My thoughts are with everyone who lost someone or was effected otherwise by the shooting. I think random acts of violence are the hardest to understand.

Kell said...

Welcome burgh baby's mom. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Things are slowly getting back to normal. The mall is open an a lot of people are making an effort to shop there to support the shops that are losing holiday dollars. And in the paper today, the families of the victims said that strangers are coming to the funerals to pay their condolences and show their support. That renews my hope in humanity.

Newt said...

I have Sarah McLachlan's x-mas album on my computer at work and on the cd player at home. I have been listening to it non-stop. I need to add it to the Ipod still. That way I can have Sarah all day and all night.

susan said...

I hadn't picked up that this latest shooting happened in your town. It's such an awful thing all the way around.

I'll have to check out your new favorite blogs...not that I've been keeping up on the ones I love right now very well as it is....

Susan at A Slice of Life