Monday, December 17, 2007

WWC--Life and White

It's that time again when I try to think of something other than the obvious for the Weekly Word Challenge. I may not succeed, but I sure have a good time trying.

Weekly Word Challenge is brought to you by the totally talented Tink of Pickled Beef. This week the words were Life and White.

OK, white is pretty easy around here. I, of course, had to take a couple of pictures of the white snow. Look what it did to this tree! Cool, huh?

(and no that's not my house in the background)

This is an early snow, just dusting the greenery on our fence.

And with it being the Christmas season, it's the season for fudge. Here are the white marshmallows for the fudge, even though they don't look all that white in this photo.

And these are my Knitting Girl socks that my friend R sent me. I'm afraid to wear them because I want them to stay white.

And one more, we have white lights on our Christmas tree.

I only have one picture for life, and it's really special to me. When my dad past away 10 years ago, I was in graduate school. My friends gave me this philodendron, which was tiny. But it has grown into this large, rich metaphor for life.

Did you play? Come join us! Yes, join us. Join us. Join us.

In other news, Al got an assignment extension, so we know that we are here until summer 2009. It's a relief and we've both relaxed a little. It's nice to know we don't have to put the house on the market, and he's happy to be staying in a job that he likes.

So, since I know I will be here next summer, I can attend the Kansas City Scottish Games on June 14 and 15. Care to join me? I'm pretty sure Jay will come up, and it's always a party where Jay is. It's a lot of fun, and Kansas City is a great place. We can meet up for a long weekend, watch men in kilts, eat some haggis, drink some scotch, then hang out in the city and eat some B-B-Q and drink some beer at the Irish pup to get the taste of that haggis out of our mouths. Fun, huh? Let's do it! Put it on your calendar now!

I love this plan. I'm excited about this plan. We have to think of something fun to get us through the dreary, gray days of winter.

Oh my gosh, I haven't mentioned Cosette once in this post! What's wrong with me? I'm falling down on my bragging duties. So, here's a picture.


Jay said...

Dang, you guys have gotten quite a bit of snow!

And look at that awesome greenery on your fence. I wonder who the person who is so damn cool that helped you with that is? ;-)

The Scottish Games in KC are a must do!

katy said...

love the photo of the snow on the tree, hey pup is white too!
glad you can relax now and enjoy the next year without having to up sticks, and yes i can imagine it being a party with Jay about!

Anonymous said...

Like the socks! I remember destroying a philodendron in my friend's house as a kid ^-^

Karen said...

Great photos. Though I love the one of Cosette the best. That is an adorable photo. And I cannot believe you kept a plant alive for 10 years! That is something to be proud of - and the story makes it much more precious.

Mine will be up in a bit. I am having a slow start today. ;)

fiwa said...

Your photos are great. I love the socks and your Christmas tree is very pretty. I can't remember the last time I had fudge, I may have to make some.

have a great day -

Tink said...

That tree looks like it came from Whoville! :)

Great pictures. I love the one of Cosette. It looks like she's thinking, "ANOTHER one? Sheesh."

Betty said...

Nice pics. Give Cosette a big hug from Grandma. You reminded me that I had to put a philodendron to death once. I wanted to get rid of it, and it just wouldn't die.

R.E.H. said...

Lots a snow you seem to have gotten there. Timely for the white pictures!

I loved the sentiment for your life picture there.

Well played!

Backpackermomma... said...

I second that comment of keeping a plant alive for ten years! I couldn't even keep a cactus alive. Who knew you had to water a cactus!!??

Newt said...

I love what you did for Life and the story for it. And I'm putting it on my calendar. If I can get away from work I'm there! So make plans now on how to hide from the MN stalker :-)