Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Was Just Thinking

Quick Note: I may have trouble with vacuum cleaners, but at least I don’t have this guy’s problem.

Some Random Thoughts for Today

August is like the Wednesday of months. It’s not the beginning of Summer, nor is it the beginning of Fall. It’s still hot, but every now and then there’s a cool breeze that teases me that Fall is actually coming.

Birthday cake is just as good when it’s a left-over.

I saw Hairspray with my friend and her daughter, who said she was there for the music, but I think it was for Zac Efron. It was a great movie, though not as edgy as the original. And Christopher Walken and John Travolta’s musical number was so romantic.

That last sentence is the weirdest sentence I’ve ever typed.

I love taking a walk and hearing the faint rumble of drums from the high school band practicing. It’s another sign that Fall is coming.

Fall is my favorite season, can you tell?

How long do you have to keep birthday cards before you can throw them away without feeling guilty?

Why do gray hairs stick out straight, rebelling against the curl of the other hairs?

Gerard Butler. I saw 300 and it was amazing.

You’d think a library card would stay active as long as it was being used, wouldn’t you.

On the same page in the local paper were ads for two concerts: Marilyn Manson and Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana sold out within hours.

Would it be weird for me to write thank you cards for Al’s birthday gifts? I don’t think Al will do it, and I get to enjoy his gifts, too, so maybe it’ll be OK.

The Snickers commercials are too weird; they almost make me not want one. Almost.

My mom
gave me this award:

Yea for nepotism! I’m supposed to pass it on, but I’m too nice to leave anyone out, so everyone gets the award.


Chelle Y. said...

Okay, that vacuum thing is just so weird, not a mental picture I want to have right now. :)

I loved "Hairspray." The little girl next to me was swooning all over him! I would too, if it were not for the fact that he is "jail-bait" for me. Just kidding! (He is a cute kid though)

Michelle said...

Correction: Birthday cake is BETTER when it's leftover 'cause you can eat it in peace! :o)

I didn't think I was going to enjoy 300 -- not that I mind the gore but sometimes huge blockbuster movies are kinda lame in my book -- but I really dug it. It was filmed in such an interesting manner. And, well, everybody was so damned buff and beautiful!

Jay said...

They just made me renew my library card too. What's up with that? Probably done for national security reasons.

300 was good. I had pretty high expectations for the movie and I wasn't disappointed.

Of course I've been using the "SPARTAAAAAAAAA" and "TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELLLLLLL" lines way too much now. ;-)

Queen of Dysfunction said...

I like this post. It was like you cracked your head open and let us read what was inside. Yeah for cyber brain surgery!

Betty said...

Aaaaaaaaaand, leftover cake doesn't have any calories, does it?

Tink said...

"And Christopher Walken and John Travolta’s musical number was so romantic." That's a sentence I never imagined I'd hear or understand. *Snort*

My favorite month is October. I love fall. I love spring too. So yeah, August does feel like the "Wednesday" of months. Good analogy!

her indoors said...

OMG can you beleive that man and the vacuum!
guess you are looking forward to fall then huh!
and congrats on the nice award, i think you a very nice, and dont worry about the grey hairs cause if you do you will end up with lots more!!!

susan said...

yeah, go ahead and write Al's cards. Don't you have his signature down yet?

...I'm better at signing Shaun's name than he is!

Neil said...

Dwarves and vacuum cleaners... just another run-of-the-mill day at the Edinburgh Festival... although I'm not too happy with the mental picture that "nurses struggled for an hour to get him free" conjours up. Surely a less aggressive-sounding verb would be more appropriate?

By the way, compared to Scotland, it is scorching hot here in CT right now.. summer at last!