Sunday, January 21, 2007

Over 8 Inches

Of Snow! We had a snow storm, and the 3 to 6 inches turned out to be more like 5 to 8 inches. More like 8 at our place, except for the 2 feet at the bottom of the driveway courtesy of the snow plows, even though it was nice that they came so early on a Sunday morning.

We're exhausted. It took an hour and half to clear the driveway and sidewalk (actually, we didn't have to do one of the sidewalks because the guy behind us used his snow blower all the way down to the road--nice guy). It would have taken longer if it wasn't for the angel who came to visit us in the form of a nice old man in a truck, offering us the use of his snow blower. Seems he drove by and saw us struggling, so he went home and got his snow blower, then came on over. Amazing. Al had been wading through the pile of ice and snow at the end of the driveway while I was trying to push the snow off the driveway. We were pretty pooped by the time he showed up; he really was a life saver.

So, guess what we're going to do this afternoon? Yep. We're gonna buy a snow blower. Al doesn't care how much it costs, he's going to get the biggest damn snow blower he can find. It may never snow again, but by God, he'll have a snow blower just in case. That is, if we can find one. I would imagine there will be a run on them after this snowfall.

Anyway, here are some pictures for your enjoyment. Now that all the work is done, I'm ready to take a walk because it really is beautiful.

The house early this morning, before the shoveling began.

At the end of the driveway:

Poor mailbox:

A ballet of snow blowers:

A clean driveway!

The front walk and the piles of snow.


Betty said...

That snow looks beautiful - from here. We only got a little sleet and freezing rain, and it's gone now. Glad you're getting a snow blower.

gawilli said...

Our snow blower bit the dust, so to speak, last year. We have had so little snow in Northwest Indiana that we really haven't needed one yet this year. I think Willi is trying to hold out, but one big snow like you received and I we may be doing the snow blower shuffle also. I love the snow and would not mind a nice little 8 incher at all!

Jay said...

Well at least somebody is getting some snow.

Good idea on the snow blower. Now, you guys will have a 4x4 truck and a snow blower. This basically ensures that you guys will get sent South on the next assignment. ;-)

susan said...

I love your snowblower ballet shot! Something about everyone being at the same place at the same time just cracks me up!

Ch3ll3 said...

WOW! That's quite a dump all in one go. I'm all for the snowblower. Great idea!

And, like Susan, I love the pic of the snowblower ballet. :)

Jay's right...once you buy the snowblower, the next stop'll be New Mexico or somethin'.

Peggy said...

I just love snow! I don't care about shoveling it and I know how to drive in it. It makes everything look white and clean.

Snow makes book reading and fireplaces double in pleasure output.

Gracey said...

Kell, that is just plain crazy. I have never lived in the snow so it just blows my mind when I see pictures like this. I love your's really pretty. When I see other people's houses I start to miss mine back in Texas. I've gotten used to living the apartment life but now I'm really missing my home since I saw yours! Waaaaaaaa! (Kidding, I'm not crying) :)

her indoors said...

i remember when i was young and we used to get snow like that it was great! where is the photo of the snowman!

Kell said...

Mom--I'm glad too. It's a beautiful thing.

Gawilli--We tried to hold out, too, but this last snow did us in. I think it was the 2 feet at the end of the driveway that put Al over the edge. It's sitting in the garage!

Jay--It also means that it won't snow any more this year.

Susan and Ch3ll3--The snowblowers cracked me up, too. I should have video taped it.

Peggy--I love the snow, too. Once it's shoveled, then it's time to play!

Gracey--We lived in our share of apartments and we've been in places with more snow than this! Upstate NY had 253 inches our last winter there. Then we went South. Ah, the military life.

Her indoors--I can't believe we haven't made a snowman yet! We should get busy. Sledding seems to be the snow activity of choice here. Lots of great places to go.

Newt said...

You have a beautiful home. And a snow blower is a great idea!