Friday, January 05, 2007

And Yet a Little More

Note: The Scotch Party post is still coming—I have to wait until Al gets home so he can tell me again what was there. I might remember the name, but I won’t remember the year, and that seems to be rather important. So, until then, here’s a little more holiday recap.

My friend RJ came in on Tuesday after Christmas, and I spent the next 4 days knitting, talking, crying and staying up until 2 am. It was wonderful. I didn’t realize how much I missed having a “hobby buddy,” somebody who has the same passion I do and doesn’t mind wallowing in it. I have a friend who is quilting the block-of-the-month quilt with me, but she’s a little more obsessed than passionate—there’s a difference, you know. Although some might call me obsessed, I am able to put projects down and leave them unfinished for awhile. I’m more obsessed about starting projects than I am about actually finishing them. Maybe that could be my new year’s resolution—to finish unfinished projects.

Anyway, RJ and I went to a workshop where we learned to knit a log cabin quilting block. It looks like this:

I’m not done yet, there are a few more sides to do. I really like this technique and think I’ll be doing it again after I finish the projects I’m working on right now. Also, she and I have decided to knit a scarf together. I mean, we’re each going to knit the squares for this scarf, then we’ll trade some of them so that our scarves will have a little bit of each of us in them. Cool, huh? Here’s a picture of what the scarf will look like when it’s done, I hope by next fall.

We’ve bought all the yarn (one of the local yarn shops in my town was having a 20% off year-end sale), so now we just have to start knitting. Knit 4 triangles, then sew them together to form the squares, then sew the squares together. All 32 squares. You can see why I’m saying I hope I’ll have it done by next fall. But it’ll be worth it. I’m also going to make a tote bag. What the hell, I have the yarn.

I was really sad when RJ left. And lonely. Al was home, but I didn’t realize how much I do by myself until she was here to do things with me. One of my other new year’s resolutions should be to get out among the living more often.

So, now the holidays are over and my friend is back in Austin. I have no more excuses. I have to get back to exercising and eating right and doing all the chores I’ve pretty much ignored for the last few weeks. Back to reality. But I’m not as depressed about that as I thought I’d be.

I feel hopeful for the next year. I have a lot to look forward to with our trips, so I have the incentive to get back to the gym and a better diet so I’ll be in good shape for all the walking I’m going to be doing. And I’ve had an energy boost when it comes to organizing some unorganized things in my life. I’ve created a journal for my MS so I can keep better track of how I’m feeling so that I can see if I have any triggers or if there is a pattern to any flair ups. I’ve also created a knitting journal so I can get all those projects I’m working on and want to work on organized. And hopefully this weekend, Al and I are going to sit down and do some honest talking about the year ahead: what kind of work we want to do on the house, what kind of repairs have to be done on the house, a more realistic look at our finances before and after the trips, and even looking further into the future and where we both want to be. I told him we should each work on a list of what we think needs to be done this year and what we’d like to do this year, then compare. I bet we’ll be surprised by what we consider priority and what we think needs to be done. I know that a BMW motorcycle is not on my list, and I’m pretty sure that a trip to Rhinebeck NY for the Wool festival isn’t on his.

Susan said that instead of new year’s resolutions, she’s having a theme for her year. Hers is Dare to Create. I like that! And after careful consideration of, oh, about 5 minutes or so, I think my new year’s theme will be “Balance and Content.” I spend an awful lot of time thinking, “I’ll be happy when I . . . “ instead of being content with the way things are. And balance? Well, I’ve felt pretty tilted all of 2006, so I’m going to even out and stay balanced this year. I’ll have to think on that one a little bit more.

OK, I’ve rambled enough for another day. I have more lists to work on! Have a great weekend every one.


Susan said...

I love the idea of having a shared scarf...little bits of each other to carry around. Sigh...I feel so left out not being a trendy knitter, my brain just doesn't want to think that way.

Nice theme. You can carry it out in so many parts of your life

Jay said...

That scarf is going to be seriously cool.

Newt said...

The scarf is very sweet. And it will be so very special. The log cabin quilting block is very cool too. You wouldn't happen to be a lefty would you? I need to find a left handed knitter if I ever hope to learn.

Ch3ll3 said...

LOVE the scarf and what a great idea to trade squares.

Being a Libra, balance is in my nature. If you need a little nudge now and then, let me know. :)

her indoors said...

that scarf is just great!

Kell said...

Newt--I'm not a lefty, but the people I know who have done some teaching said it's not a problem. However, they do say that continental style might be easier. That where you hold the yarn with you left hand, rather than throwing it with your right. I've been trying to teach myself contintental so I can do some faire isle (using two colors at once and holding yarn in both hands at the same time). But the basics are so easy!

Ch3ll3--my ascendent is Libra, so you'd think balance would come naturally for me, too. But I guess that stubbor Taurus in me is fighting it.

I've started working on the first square--I'll keep y'all posted.

Gracey said...

I would love to learn to knit someday....I have so much scrapbooking that I'm doing right now that I think I will have to hold off on that hobby for awhile. I love the scarf....looks so cozy!

Lisa said...

I adore that scarf . . . maybe I can get my mom, the crafty one, to make it for me.