Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rattling Around

My brain is wandering all over the place today, so here’s a rambling little post. I think after I type this, I’ll head out on this sunny, cool day and take some pictures of autumn-inspired trees before all the leaves blow off.

Crisis averted. Last Friday I discovered that [gasp] my iPod battery was dead. Not just needing to be recharged, I mean dead. It is no more, it’s ceased to be, passed on, bereft of life—this is an ex-iPod. Now, you might think I’d take advantage of this and say, “Oh darn. Guess I have to get a new Nano now.” But I resisted the temptation because Al said he could replace the battery. Hmmmmm. $25 or $200. . . OK, I’ll take the battery. So, that’s what we did and my iPod works again. So, I can go back to the gym now.

Speaking of the gym. Ya know, it’s really hard to get up at 6:00 in the morning and go to the gym. It’s still dark at 6:00. It’s cold. My eyes haven’t focused yet, and I have terrible bed-hair. I spend the entire drive to the gym thinking, “I could turn around and go home. Al would never know. I’ll just workout harder tomorrow.” And as I’m walking into the gym, I’m YouTubethinking, “I’ll just do a light work out today. Maybe I’ll just get on the bike for a while and then head home.” But I go ahead go through the whole routine since I’ve made it this far. But you’d be amazed how many already-fit people go to the gym at 6:30 in the morning. They are way too perky and seem to be really enjoying themselves. And why is it that their faces don’t turn as red as a matador’s cape when they’re on the elliptical machine like mine does. *Sigh* I hate going to the gym.

In the news. Actually, I can’t say anything that my mom hasn’t already said much better, so I’ll just ask you head over there and read her comments on the day. The wacko Baptists from Kansas are enough to make me want to follow through on my plan to move to Scotland to raise sheep. She doesn’t talk about Foley on this particular post, so I’ll just say that it looks like the high and mighty morality of the Republican party knew three years ago about Foley’s, em, tendency to be “overly friendly.” Now Foley has entered rehab for alcohol. Alcohol?!? How ‘bout he work on the pedophilia first.
Update: I just watched Hastert’s press conference. As is typical with this administration he “apologized,” he’s “taking responsibility” and is going to find out “who leaked those emails and why we didn’t hear about a problem sooner.” So once again, they say they are taking responsibility, but they really aren’t because they couldn’t have done anything sooner because someone else dropped the ball and they didn’t get the information they needed; therefore, they have to have investigations into finding out why they didn’t get that information. What a bunch of hooey. He also said that he learned of the explicit language in the emails on Friday (that would have been 29 September). I just wanted to write that down somewhere so that when they prove he knew sooner, we’ll know when he lied. Oh, and he also used the opportunity to talk about how we need to get back to the issues for this election season, that’s what’s important and that’s what the American public wants. No, the American public wants the hypocrisy to STOP.

Latest Procrastination Tool. I’ve been enjoying searching YouTube. I have a guilty pleasure that my brother wishes would just go away—I listen to Robbie Williams. I can’t help it! He is pretty cute (he looks like the fist boy I had a crush on), and I like his songs. But he just hasn’t reached the level of popularity in this country that he has every where else, so with YouTube, I can watch videos and even concert footage. Unfortunately, it also makes me realize that sometimes it’s better to just listen to the songs and look at photos. How can the same man who writes words like “Come and take my hand/I want to contact the living” one moment be onstage aiming a camera down his pants to take a picture of his crotch the next? Where is the balance, people?!?

Fashion Divas. Last season I was a Project Runway junkie. I read the message boards, I read Tim Gunn’s blog, I listened to his podcast, and I couldn’t wait for each new episode. This season? Eh. I’m still watching, but these designers are really good and I don’t have a favorite because I like all of the finalists. In fact, they have 4 finalists instead of 3 this season. But I’m not anxiously awaiting each new episode.

Flour Clouds. It’s fall, so of course it’s time for some serious baking. Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pumpkin Spice Cake, Pumpkin Bars. Hmmm, I’m sensing a theme here. Wait! I forgot apples! Apple Pie, Apple Tart, Apple Pancakes, Apple Cake. Gotta run to the store and get some flour—King Arthur Flour, BTW. I’m a snob about ingredients, it has to be King Arthur. Has to be that expensive but amazing vanilla that I can only get at expensive food stores. Has to be real unsalted butter.

OK, now I’m really having cravings. Enjoy your day, y’all. And if I don’t talk to you before then, have a great weekend!


Jay said...

YOUR having cravings now? Great, tell us all about all the baking and then just leave us?

Cool post. Lots of stuff there.

Betty said...

Great post. I didn't get into the Foley stuff because when I do, I get incoherent. Now, they're going to try to blame the PAGES! Don't get me started.

Newt said...

Ha Ha Ha, yeah, the Foley thing, as Betty said, makes one incoherent. It's just so, so, so, ggggrrrrrrrrr!

Fun rambling post. I loved it.

And you will really enjoy the Thirteenth tale. Pass it on to Mom when you are done. I think she will like it too. I gave my copy to a friend at work with the warning that he can't hold me responsible for the 72 hour reading marathon he will go on when he starts the book. So, be forewarned, it's a good, don't want to put down, read.

Kell said...

Newt--I'm going to have to get that book. I'm heading home in a week, so I need to read it so I can pass it on. I could use a reading marathon.