Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Honey, I'm Home!

I had a wonderful trip seeing friends and family, but it’s nice to be home. My mother will frown at that statement—I’ve been told that her place is home, not where I’m living at the moment. Semantics. I’m glad to be sitting on my couch, watching my way-too-big TV, drinking a bourbon and coke (two, actually), and am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. But, I thought I’d write down some thoughts about my trip.

I love flying. I don’t care how long my layover is, I don’t care that I have to take my shoes off, I don’t care if my flight gets cancelled (which it did), I just love to fly. Mostly because I hate to drive. But I enjoy it because I just love that I’m going somewhere. When we lived in San Antonio, I used to drive by the airport and think, “I have a passport . . .” But the key to flying is to just chill. I mean, I’m not the queen of patience, but for some reason I become a Zen princess when I fly—I just don’t let anything get to me. I think I’m just so happy that someone else is taking me and I don’t have to drive, that I’m totally relaxed.

Even when the security guy found an ounce tube of lotion in my purse, I was fine. Actually, I was embarrassed because I knew that stuff was supposed to be in a ziplock bag, but I forgot it was in there. And we all know that an ounce of hand lotion is so much safer in a ziplock bag than zipped up in a cosmetic case, zipped up in a purse. You’d think we’d be happy that they were being so thorough and that we’d feel safer, don’t you? Well, I would if they had also caught the small bottle of hand sanitizer in my backpack that I found while I was unpacking. A small bottle of a clear gel? That should have set off some kind of friggin' alarm.

It was great seeing Mom’s best friend L. She looked great and seems to have recovered well from her fight with cancer. L is brilliant, and I always learn something when I talk to her. And I could live in her library! Plus, we talked about Scotland and England most of the night—we both feel like that’s where we should be living (one country or the other, we’re not picky).

I had the best time with my best friend A. Every time we get together, it’s as if we just pick up where we left off. Our adventures are worth a post of their own, coming soon to a blog near you. We went to one of the largest craft fairs in Arkansas and to the quirkiest town in Arkansas, watched a movie, hung out with her daughter, and talked. My jaw and cheeks hurt from laughing and talking so much—isn’t that wonderful!?!

I got to see my travel buddy J, who went on the last Scotland/England trip. She looked great, and it’s always fun when she’s around. I asked her how her daughter was doing and she said, “Oh, she’s 15.” That said it all.

The trip to Yellville to see Nana Creta and the gang was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. My grandmother is 88, and God I hope I inherited her genes. She’s amazing, and also worth her own post one day soon. Since my MS diagnosis, she and I have bonded over medication. While there, I taught my 9-year-old cousin how to knit. At one point she leaned her head on my shoulder and said, “Isn’t this nice. We’re here with our family, we’re knitting while they’re watching football and talking.” Yeah sweetie, it was very nice.

We went to dinner with one of Mom’s other good friends, then went over to her house for a glass of wine and so that I could get a “dog fix” with her Westie, Bonnie. Dogs love me. Cats do, too, for that matter, but Mom’s allergic to cats, thus, dogs love me more. I had a great time at ME’s. She’s quite a character, plus she kept telling me how good I look, and hey, you gotta love that.

Jay and Mom took good care of me. I did actually spend some time with them, too. Probably not as much time as Mom would’ve liked, but I’m expecting to see them again for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. I loooooove cooking Thanksgiving dinner, so I’m hoping somebody will come join us. Jay and I went to Branson to check out the new Branson Landing—basically high end shops with restaurants tucked in between. Jay’s a great travel buddy because he’s up for anything and happy to go anywhere.

Yeah, my flight home on Monday was cancelled at the last minute and I had to stay at a hotel, but what the hell. I got a king-size bed all to myself, and I slept right in the middle, which isn’t easy for someone who tends to stick a foot out of the covers. It regulates the body temperature, don't cha know. I even paid for a movie to watch—no, not that kind of movie. I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. It just seemed like a good night to watch Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Jack Davenport. Wasn’t there someone else in that movie? Some woman?

I have a lot of posting to catch up on, a lot of blogs to catch up on, and I finally caught up on some comments left on previous posts. I have a couple of things I want to talk about that I did before my trip, plus I want to talk more about the trip. But right now, my bed is calling to me. Hear that? That’s the sound of a down comforter being fluffed up, ready to dive under. Aaaaaahhh. Bed is good.


Sean Carter said...

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Jay said...

It was a great week. Wish it hadn't gone by so fast.

I was wondering who those people were in that movie along with Kiera Knightley.

Chelle P said...

My mantra started chanting through my brain last night and continued this morning, "I hate people. I hate people. I hate people."

Then, of course, I get to this yummy post and it's all gone! No more mantra.

You're the best, Kell. Thanks for helping me re-discover my humanity. :)

Hope you had a great sleep!

Betty said...

Of course, I wish you had stayed another week, and then another, and then ...... well, you know how mom's are. I enjoyed your visit.

susan said...

It sounds as though you had such a wonderful time. I'm grinning just reading about it. time should we be there for turkey dinner?

Kell said...

That first comment is the third spam I've gotten. May have to put the verification thing in?

Jay--Oh yeah, Kiera Knightly!

Chelle P--You're too sweet. And I slept very well, thanks.

Susan--Grinning is good for the soul. And dinner is usally sometime after noon, but you can come over any time and watch the parade or play board games!

Newt said...

Sweet, someone else that his discovered that body/bed temperature is totally regulated by one foot out of the covers.

Not to mention that you partook in my favorite past time - Pirates. I have to have a dose of Johnny every couple of weeks. The hubster can't wait till I get a copy of the latest one. He figures it will keep me busy for a while. I guess he's a little sick of the first one by now. For shame!

Glad to have you back but it sounds like you had a marvelous time. Any word on when your hubby will be home?

Kell said...

Hi Newt--He should be home late Friday night. But that's only if the day goes well, which of course it will. And that's after all the storms, too, so hopefully he won't be diverted.