Saturday, April 28, 2012

3KCBWDAY7 The Perfect Day

This is it! Our last day. Thank you Eskimimi for making this so much fun. This was my first time participating, and I can't wait for next year.

For the last day, I decided to go with the wildcard instead of the suggested topic. The topic was fine; I like knitting and crochet, even though I totally suck at crochet. My edges are wavy in crochet because my ability to count seems to leave me. But I will get better, and until then I'll make symmetrically edged knitted objects.

Besides, I daydream about my perfect day of knitting all the time, so I might as well put it in writing.

My day starts as I get off the airplane in Edinburgh, Scotland. I've had plenty of sleep because of course I flew in first class, so my comfy seat reclined after I drank all of my champagne. I jump in a taxi and head down to the train station, where I sit, again, in first class and buy sweets from the trolly. I'm taking the train up into the Highlands to my cottage. I'm taking a train instead of driving because I want to knit on the train.

At the station, I rent a car to get to my cottage that is off a single lane, curvy road. The estate agent has it ready for me, with a stocked fridge, a sponge cake, a teapot ready for hot water, and a bottle of scotch for later in the day. There's also a fire roaring in the fireplace.

Next to the fireplace is an overstuffed chair with a basket of wound yarn. I had already placed an order for some Alice Starmore yarn, so it's ready for me to start knitting the St. Ciaran wrap.

I throw the suitcase in the bedroom upstairs, then make a pot of tea before I settle in to start knitting. I turn my iPod on to listen to knitting podcasts. I stop long enough to make another pot of tea and call the hubby to check on the dogs, then back to knitting.

I put another log on the fire, take a sip of tea, eat some cake, knit, rinse and repeat.

Because I've come from so far away, I've decided that a day isn't long enough, so I'm staying a week. I meet up with the local knitting group, I meet new friends, and I buy groceries at the local shops. I might do some sightseeing, but then again, I might not. I won't finish the wrap in that time, but I'll get a lot done, and once I get home and work on it and later wear it, I'll remember my perfect knitting vacation.


Stel said...

I'll come visit you there, in that cottage, since 1998 is too long ago now to have been in Scotland. I'll bring my hooking bag and some rooibos tea from South Africa along.

Natacha said...

A perfect day

Caffeine Girl said...

Can I come along? Please!

I love that you start out spending the day alone. I love alone time, and often have to force myself to be social!

Paula said...

That sounds like a great day!

Ana BC (Lanas Hilos) said...

Your perfect day sounds delightful!

Thomasina Tittlemouse said...

I am with you too on this day - it's looking a bit more crowded than how you originally started out! Will take it in turns to brew the tea - great huge steaming pots of it and will undertake to provide the homemade cake!! I loved your comment about "calling hubby to check on the dogs!!" Here's to perfect crafting days and to ones that approach perfect even if they are not quite the stuff of dreamy idylls like this one! Elizabeth x

Sandy said...

Replace the Scotch with some nice wine and I'm soooooooo with ya. Nice day.

Sandy said...

Or perhaps you'ld more enjoy my perfect day which I did instead of Day 3, as I don't believe hero's has much to do knitting, yarn, or crocheting.