Thursday, November 08, 2007

Gotta Take Care of Some Things

I have to do this every now and then. Once again, I am swamped with too many things to do and not enough time in the day to do them. I don't know how I ever got anything done when I was working full time. So, I'm not going to be around for awhile.

I'll still be checking in on your blogs, but trying to write 50,000 words in a month is cutting into my post writing. Plus, I have a little project going that I can't tell you about yet. I will, as soon as I can, but it's still in the works.

Plus, I've been putting off the vacuuming and I really need to do that. I tried putting it off so that Al would do it, but he didn't take the bait.

So, I'll be lurking around the edges, peeking in and dropping in every now and then.

NaNoWriMo count: 10,850


her indoors said...

oh tell us please i want to know about this project! feel free to lurk!

Macoosh said...

lurk away and say hello every so often so we know you're still alive ahaha.

good luck writing!

Chelle Y. said...

Brendan is finally big enough to where he does the vacuuming! Yay! So far, he does not think it's a chore yet! Haha!

R.E.H. said...

Good luck on the writing there. I'd have done it too if I thought there was any chance I could keep up with it the way things are right now.

Newt said...

I think you still need to do WWC though :-) At least give us that :-) HA HA HA, we'll always be here darl'n.

Tink said...

I'm with Newt! ;)

Other than that though, take all the time you need. And if you have any extra, would you mind getting my carpets too?

Lena said...

Good luck, Kell. I'll try and be patient......!