Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend-Wrap Up

I had been looking forward to this weekend for weeks. With my good friend and quilting buddy, M, I attended a needlework retreat at a local state park 4-H camp. I don't do embroidery like so many of these talented ladies, but I do cross-stitch and had a project I've wanted to work on for years.

I love retreats. They are exactly what they sound like--to get away for every day things and relax and concentrate on something else. And I like camping and not worrying about make-up and hair and knowing that the only decision I have to make is what I want to do next (read, knit, write, sleep, hike).

This retreat was really wonderful. The ladies were so inviting and made me feel welcome even though I was no where near on their level. They do some of the most beautiful needlework, using a pattern just as a suggestion, deciding what kind of embroidery stitches would look best. I only know how to make the X of a cross-stitch, so that's what I do. But even though some people may look down on cross-stitching as a baser needlework, these ladies were encouraging and made me feel like part of the group. In so many group situations, I usually feel like an outsider, but I didn't this time and it was great.

The 4-H camp was in a beautiful setting, tucked away and tree-covered.

The rooms were a little stark, but I wouldn't be doing much in there except sleeping.

We brought our own linens and a flashlight, since it is a dark walk from the lodge center to the cabins.

Usually at retreats, there are workshops on new techniques and sometimes even a massage therapist and yoga sessions--anything to encourage relaxation and fun. But this was purely a work retreat. No frills, except meals were provided. My husband couldn't quite wrap his head around what I'd be doing, so I told him we'd get up, work on our projects and chat, eat breakfast, go back to stitching, eat lunch, take a walk maybe, continue stitching and chatting, eat dinner, and stitch into the wee hours. Then get up the next day and start all over again! It's heaven! But he got his own little heaven--he rode his motorcycle, hung out at the motorcycle shops, and went to Beertopia to buy some Belgium beers that we haven't tried before. So we both had a good weekend. Here are some more pictures

In the lodge

Ladies busy stitching

Charlie came for a visit

My project. Yes, that's a sheep. One down, 11 to go.

Time for lunch

Don't forget WWC tomorrow! The words are Disguise and Reflection.


her indoors said...

wow, you know i think i would like to tag along, mmm if only. i do a bit of cross stitching, mind you it is a long time since i have done some, i used to find it relaxing, might have to start it again

Betty said...

Boy, do I ever need a retreat of some kind. Not to sew, though yours sounded fun for you.

qofd said...

I love your little sheep! I wish I was crafty like that! So, what will the finished product look like?

Oh, and totally jealous of the retreat. Looks like a gorgeous place.

Peggy said...

Good sheep there Kell!

I sure would have liked to come with you on that one. I've got a baby quilt that needs to be finished and a full sized quilt that I haven't finished quilting down (doing the quilting by hand). It would have focussed my efforts.

Chelle Y. said...

I need to show Brendan this picture. We were watching "Little House" the othe day, and Caroline Ingalls was doing needle work. Brendan could not see the "Picture" and kept asking what she was doing. I tried to explain, but he did not understand.

I did the WWC this week!

Tink said...

Oh wow. That looks like so much fun! The last time I was on a retreat was when I was 12. I'm LONG overdo!!