Monday, March 26, 2007

We Interrupt These Posts . . .

Just a quick break from Scotland posts. I volunteered for Newt to interview me, so here are her questions with my answers. If you'd like to be interviewed, just let me know in the comments and I'll post some questions. It's pretty good blog fodder and you get to know your blogging friends even better.

So, here we go!

1. Warrior Lass in Scotland today or 100 years ago? And why?

I think Warrior Lass would like 1907. She would fight for women’s right to vote, causing a ruckus everywhere she went. She’d march into “Men Only” establishments and join women such as Emmeline Pankhurst and other suffragettes around the UK in getting arrested and protesting. She’d battle for human rights by starting her own magazine where she would push the envelope and ask questions and encourage social change. Women would admire her and men would fear her, while still finding her alluring. She would go back and forth between wealth and poverty as she would spend her money on her publications and giving it to good causes. Then, she would probably end her days on a sheep farm up in the Highlands, still not afraid of hard work but longing for the serenity of a pastoral life.

2. Lunch with an author. Who do you pick? Living or dead is ok.

Ya can’t ask an easy question, huh? Hmmmmmm. I could say Shakespeare and know once and for all if he really wrote all those plays. Or I could talk to someone contemporary, such as JK Rowling. But I think, at least today, I’d like to have lunch with Jane Austen. She’s brilliant, with a sharp wit and a discriminating eye.

3. Describe the perfect date night with your hubby.

It would be a gorgeous fall day, when the trees are at their peak. He’d call from work and tell me he’s off early, so let’s go for a walk on one of the trails in the state park. He would’ve already called Paradise bakery or Wheatfield’s and had a picnic basket put together and he would’ve already stopped off at the wine shop to pick up a bottle of red wine or maybe one of those 4-packs of White Star champagne. We’ll ride in the Miata down to the park south of town and work up an appetite by walking one of the trails, stopping periodically to enjoy the silence and the views. Afterwards, we set up at one of the campsites and start a fire. We sit on a blanket in front of the fire, eat the dinner, drink the wine, and then he’ll pull out marshmallows! So, we’ll feed each other s’mores and share chocolate kisses. We’ll sit in front of the fire a little longer, me resting up against him, sometimes talking, sometimes not. We’ll stay until the fire is just a faint, red glow of dying embers, not enough to keep the chill of the fall night away, then we’ll head home.

4. A shopping spree at one place - what store do you pick? What do you get?

That would be a hard choice. Would I choose yarn, shoes and bags, cooking stuff, a bookstore, a music store . . . I think I’d have to go with Pryd’s Old Westport in Kansas City. It’s full of kitchen stuff and I can spend hours in there just playing with all the different utensils. They have everything from tools to kitchen towels to cookware to tea and coffee sets, kind of like a restaurant supply store and William Sonoma all rolled up into one. They even have a pie shop downstairs. Shop, eat a piece of pie, shop some more, could it get any better?

5. Dinner and dancing with Gerard Butler or your trip to Italy. Which do you choose?

Can’t I have dinner and dancing with GB in Italy? No? Have to choose, huh? Well, this is going to surprise you, but I think I have to go to Italy. First of all, I would make a complete ass of myself if I actually met Mr. Butler. I’d ramble and babble and trip over the foot I would inevitably put in my mouth. Plus, what if he’s a real jerk? What if he’s just like any other guy? What if I’m disillusioned? I don’t wanna know any of that. Just let me sigh over the pictures and the movies, that’s enough. But if he just happened to be at some little cafĂ© overlooking the Tuscany landscape, who am I to fight fate?


Ellie said...

I just learned a ton about you! I like Jane Austen as well, in fact I had to write a paper on her book Emma when I was in college, it was one of my favorite papers to write.

I had to look up Gerard Butler as I was not familar with the name. He is definately a hottie!

And yes I would like to be interviewed.

Newt said...

Those are awesome. I absolutely loved reading this.
1. Your Warrior Lass crusade cracked me up. Very admirable: "Women would admire her and men would fear her, while still finding her alluring" I snorted coffee out my nose.
2. Jane Austen, good choice. But like you it would be interesting to see how real Shakespeare was.
3. Wow, can I come? That IS a perfect date. Ok, so if you had a third wheel it would ruin it, but dang, that sounded nice.
4. I never thought of a kitchen store when I was thinking about the question for myself but now that you mention it, it's the one place in my house that needs the most attention. So it would be an excellent choice.
5. LOL - but I agree. I'd go to Italy too. And for the exact same reason. The fantasy GB is really what makes him so perfectly attractive.

Betty said...

Ok, I was afraid to let Jay ask me questions, but, I'll let you. If you want to. I think. I guess. Maybe. Ok, ask away.

Jay said...

I was guessing JK Rowling on the autor question. And, I nailed the kitchen store question too. I knew you couldn't resist the opportunity to spen all that time playing with all those toys. ;-)

Chelle Y. said...

Hey, welcome back! It sounds like you had a great time!

I loved your author answer. It would be cool to eat lunch with Jane Austin!

susan said...

Make sure Al reads this one...who knows when he'll call to let you know he's off work early?