Thursday, March 01, 2007

In Like a Lion

It's March 1st and we're having a blizzard. Well, I'm not sure it's actually classified as a blizzard, but it's bad out there. It's so bad that even the base is closed except for mission essential people. So, Al, not being mission essential, has a snow day, and that should make him really happy. You'd think that, wouldn't you? Instead, he's a caged animal. He walks into the kitchen and stares, then he walks into the family room and stares at the tv, then he walks to the front windows and stares outside, then he walks back into the family room, then back to the kitchen, and the cycle starts all over again. I know what's happening. He's thinking of so many things that he wants/needs to do that he can't decide on anything, so he does nothing. Been there! I almost said, "Welcome to my world," but I didn't think that would help.

He was very happy when I carried laundry upstairs because now he had something definite to do--he'll help me fold laundry. But that didn't last very long. So, now he's vacuuming the upstairs. It just amazes me how when he has free time to do anything, he cleans, which should make me ecstatic. You'd think that, would you. Instead, I feel like it's some unspoken commentary on my lack of housekeeping skills. But today, I'm going to ignore those feelings. I'm going to be a supportive, helpful wife and let him clean all he wants.

I did take a couple of pictures of the snow. However, I didn't want to open the door to do it, so these are out my back window. Notice how the snow is over the bottom rung of the fence? And we still have at least 3 hours of this storm. We could get another 3 or more inches! All the highways in eastern Nebraska are closed because of slick roads and whiteouts (so much blowing snow you can't see anything in front of you).

Well, I hear my very polite dryer going off. When the clothes are dry, the drier signals with a delicate and melodic "ping, ping, ping," which is so much better than the ear-splitting EEEHHHHHHHHH buzzer of the old dryer. More clothes to fold! Another task for Al! Hmmmm. I wonder what else needs to be cleaned.

*Update* An hour later, Al opened the garage door to take a few pictures. We are snowed in! And it's still snowing!


Betty said...

Poor Al. But, that snow sure is purty, as long as you don't have to get out in it.

Jay said...

Holy smokes that is a major snowstorm! I was wondering when you guys would finally get "the big one" up there. It looks deeper than the Infinity. Hey! Tell Al to take the Miata out for spin! I bet it would dissapear. LOL

Ellie said...

MN is sharing in the delightful weather. The news has been calling this a "Blizzard" and they said that by the end of Fri we could hit 21" of new snow. I have never left work early due to weather, until today. I am generally not a wimp when it comes to weather but I just couldn't stomach being on the road at rush hr with a bunch of Yahoos who'll end up in the ditch a 1/4 of mi. down the way. So here I am trying to enjoy my 1/2 day off.

her indoors said...

wow thats what i call snow, we dont get it like that here, well not in years and years.
been catching up and cant beleive you will be in scotland in 7days! jay will get over it just bring him a football shirt back!

Michelle said...

*said in the same voice Bugs Bunny would use when he was trying to be a girl bunny* Oh, how I do love a man who cleans!

Seriously, once he can actually get the snowblower out of the house, think of the damage Al will do! He'll have so much fun. :o)

Peggy said...

I was just talking to a pal of mine in Iowa City. She said that the interstate between Des Moines and Omaha was closed. That's a lot of big road to be shut. More snow photos please!!!

p.s. there is NO snow here don't bring it with you

Newt said...

Your pictures managed to capture much better than mine the tonnage of snow we all now have. It's so beautiful. We worked. No snow days for us. Ok, a few hours early on Thurs. And we snuck out early on Friday by an hour but that was it. I think it was partly due to the fact that we knew it would just mean going home and shoveling. And shoveling. And shoveling.