Thursday, November 09, 2006

Misty, Water-Colored

For some reason, my already-too-short short term memory got even worse this week. I’m becoming more and more a person who has to keep a To Do list. I hate these lists. Although they help, I’m so incredibly overly analytical and want so desperately to be organized that I end up categorizing my To Do list.

It’s as scary as it sounds.

I have a list of what has to be done that day, such as return the library books or mail the mortgage payment, and a list of things that need to be done at some point, such as clean out closets for a trip to Good Will or research hotels in Italy for our trip next May. But when I have to write things like “pour Draino down shower drain,” I know that I’m in trouble.

Unfortunately, once something is out of my line of sight or once I have left the area in which something has to be done, it completely leaves my mind. I finally remembered to buy the Draino, which I put under the counter in the bathroom instead of leaving on the counter where I'd remember to use it because I didn't want my hubby to hold it up and yell, “Where does this go?” I forgot to actually pour it down the drain. So when I took a shower, I splashed around in almost ankle-deep water (this is what happens when you let your hair grow out—it literally grows out of your head and onto the floor and down the drain). But, once out of the shower and proceeding with my routine, I forgot to get out the Draino again. Why do I do that?

Then I stripped the bed and headed down to the washing machine. But when I lifted the lid, there were already washed clothes in there. Huh. I wonder when I washed those? Must have been a couple of days ago because they smelled pretty sour. So, now they are really clean because they've been washed twice.

The day before, I rushed around like a madwoman to get to my quilt group because we were going to tour a couple of serious crafters' rooms, and with my love of all things organizational (did I mention one my favorite toys is my label maker?), I didn’t want to miss it. But I woke up late and decided to double check the email to make sure of the time. They were meeting at 9:00. Damn. It was 9:00 when I checked the message, and it would take me 30 minutes to get there. So, I emailed my friend and apologized for not making it. She emailed me back and said I didn’t miss it—it’s next Tuesday. I looked at the original email again, and sure enough, it said we were meeting on Nov. 14. I didn’t know whether to be relieved or embarrassed, so I was both.

Oh, and I put all our debit card receipts into an envelope so that they would be all safe in one place when I had time to write them in the check register. I can't find them now. I'm afraid that I threw them away. I remember walking around with them, putting them in the envelope, picking up some old mail, and that's it. All I can figure is that I threw them away with the old mail because I sure can't find them anywhere in the house.

So, I’m telling my husband about all this (except the receipt thing--that would have put him over the edge) and about how if it’s not in front of me, I won’t remember it. Always a fount of knowledge, this is how our conversation went:

Hubby: You know that’s how they judge cognitive development in children.

Me: Excuse me?

Hubby: They show a child a toy, then they put a screen up in front of it and see how the child responds.

Me: I don’t think I like where this is going.

Hubby: And a child who easily forgets about the toy is . . . is . . . is (notices the look I’m giving him)

Me: Is what?

Hubby: Well, isn’t developing cognitive abilities as quickly as a child who knows the toy is still there.

Me: And this is pertinent to me, how?

Hubby: I’m just sayin’

Me: That my cognitive abilities haven’t matured?

Hubby: (starts looking for an escape)

So, that’s been my week basically. I did get a lot of things scratched off my list. We’re going to celebrate Veteran’s Day by going down to Kansas City for the weekend.

I better start working on that list of what we need to take with us; otherwise, I will forget something, probably the camera. I usually forget the camera. Actually, I think I’ll get that out right now and put it in my purse.

But I still have to put "pour Draino down the drain" on my list.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Betty said...

You're not getting worse. You just have memory overload. Too many things swirling around your mind that you want to do and have to do. Jay is the same way, and God knows his memory is fine.

Peggy said...

Why don't you just ask your husband to drano the shower drain. If HE forgets, then you can either nag him or do it yourself because he hasn't done it yet. Have you tried plunging the drain first? Its a less caustic way of clearing it. Drano is scary!

Jay said...

I had something really funny I was going to say here but I forgot what it was.

Jay said...

I had something really funny I was going to say here but I forgot what it was.

Newt said...

I make a list and forget where it is, or forget to take it. So I have learned to live with the forgetting.

So, have you ever walked into a room and completely forgotten why you went in there.

Or jumped up from the chair/couch with some great and important thing you had to do that very instant and then just stand there totally lost as to why you leapt up from the seat?

annulla said...

I keep meaning to make to-do lists, but I forget to do it.

Gary James said...

I have To-Do lists all over the place, on computer documents, bits of paper, Post-it notes, etc. Number one on all of them should be Just Have One To-Do List And To-Do Away With The Others!

Kell said...

Betty--At least you didn't say it runs in the family. So, maybe I can do something about it. Or maybe not.

Peggy--That would mean I would have to remember to ask him to pour the stuff. Oh, and I got some kind of organic stuff that swears it's safe on drains. We'll see. We have to sell these drains along with the house in a year or so.


Newt--Ooohhh, I hate it when I walk into a run and forget why I was in there. I spend way too much time staring into space.

Annulla--Welcome! Cool picture of the bridge. I forgot what else I was going to say.

Gary--Not another list!

Ch3ll3 said...

Been there and (not) done that. In other words, I too think I've remembered to do something only to find I've only scratched it off my mental list and not actually accomplished what I set out to do. Argh.

Hang in there, Kell! :P There's nothing wrong with a lot of TO DO lists.

As a silly side note, I had a childhood friend who's mom was studying to become a genetic technologist. She was having a hard time with the heavy memorization load so she signed up for a memory improvement class.

Yup, you guessed it. She forgot to go.

Kell said...

Thanks for the chuckle Chelle!