Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Wanna Thank You

While I wait for the chocolate pecan pie to bake, I thought I’d check in on the blogosphere. It’s been a really hectic few days, but everyone else is in bed now, so I can enjoy the calm and the quite. I need this time. It’s hard for me to just go to bed after a busy day—I need decompression time. And since I’ve spent the last 4 or 5 hours standing in front of the stove or in front of my mixer, this is my chance.

Newt has a wonderful post of everything she is grateful for this Thanksgiving. I admire someone who can be so open and isn’t afraid to honestly express her feelings to the people she cares about. I’ve never been very good at that. I’m not sure why, really. It’s not like I came from an uncaring or emotionally distant family. But I’m more likely to be the one who says, “Me, too” instead of “I love you” or “I’m sorry” or “I’m so glad we’re friends.” I rely on actions instead of words. I knit something or I take them dinner or I send them a book I know they’ve been wanting. But verbal expression is not my strong suit.

It seems a little ironic that on the same day I read Newt’s heartfelt thanks, I saw The Queen at the local megaplex. It was amazing, by the way, and I highly recommend it. Anyway, so here’s a woman who has spent her entire life being private, dignified, and restrained. She’s dumbfounded by the fact that “her subjects” don’t want her to be the stiff-upper-lip monarch but rather the grieving fellow citizen and grandmother. There’s more to it than that, of course, and it is a movie, so I’m addressing her as a character. The Queen and I don’t hang out or anything, so I can’t speak about her personally. But I’m willing to bet she doesn’t bake cookies to counter her lack of verbal expression.

Anyway, I’ll give this thanking thing a shot.

I’m thankful for my family. My mom is feisty, talented, and strong. She taught me to rely on myself and my strengths. My brother is the most brilliant and funny person I know. And despite his “Cynical Bastard” alter ego, he has a big heart that cares for many people. My grandmother and the rest of my dad’s family complete the circle and have shown me that you always have your family to lean on.

I’m thankful for my husband. We’ve been married 17 years now, and we’ve grown up together. It’s obvious to everyone around us and to me how much he loves me. And having lived with me for over 17 years, he obviously has the patience of Job.

I’m thankful for my close friends. I’m lucky that I have a lot of friends, but I’m blessed with some close friends who are always there for me and understand me better than I understand myself.

I’m thankful for the doctors and nurses who take care of me and keep me healthy. The learning curve for Multiple Sclerosis is very long, but luckily, I have a clinic to go to and get the answers I need.

I’m thankful for the doctors who keep my mom and friends healthy. Nothing can make me feel more helpless than when someone I love is hurting or ill. I’m grateful there are people they can go to.

I’m thankful for finding this blogging world. I started it on a whim and as a place I could dump all the extra stuff in my head. Instead, I’ve found a group of people who are supportive, funny, and creative.

And last but not least, I’m thankful that I have so much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. If you’re in Nebraska, stop by for pie. Do you prefer pecan or apple?


Jay said...

"My brother is the most brilliant and funny person I know." awwww *blush* I don't think I'd go THAT far, but your pretty close. haha

I'm thankful to have such an awesome and supporting sister who has put with a crazy little brother for all these years.

Peggy said...

Apple pie for me!

Happy Thanksgiving Kell (and Jay n Betty too)

Lisa said...

Apple, Kell! :)

Newt said...

Girlfriend, You had me at chocolate pecan.......

Ch3ll3 said...

Apple. And after I showed B your Nebraska vacation pics, we've added it to our "states to visit" list. We'd love to drop in for pie. We'll let you know when we're in the neighbourhood. ;o)

A lovely list for things to be thankful for and for someone who's not too comfortable with expressing it in words, you did a bang-up job.

Hope your visit with Jay and your Mom was wonderful.