Monday, December 26, 2005

Post-Christmas Blues

I think I'm destined to be visited by 3 spirits next year. With each year I become more and more unChristmassy. I've spent many years trying to create the Christmas in my mind--the ideal Christmas, the Dickensian Christmas. That's way too much work. And do you know why it's too much work? Because I'm the only one I'm doing it for, that's why. One year, I didn't do it. Well, I still decorated, but I didn't go all out decorating. And I baked a batch of cookies, rather than the dozens and dozens that I baked for Al to take in to work and to send out to friends and family. And I didn't write a Christmas letter, barely getting cards out at all. And you know what? No one noticed a difference, and we still had Christmas. It came. It came, just the same. So, why was I killing myself? Well, I thought it was because I liked it--I liked being busy and baking and doing. But I've decided that I don't any more. My satisfaction isn't enough. I don't want to do all that for me; I want others to like and need that I do all that.

OK, I do get compliements and thank you for the Christmas letters. Several people say they look forward to my letter, so that makes me feel good. But unfortunately, that means that everyone else will be getting yearly, obligatory letters from me every Christmas! I try to keep them short and to the point. It helps that we don't have kids, so the letters don't have to cover too much ground. And, martyr that I am, there's just not much to talk about me (she says with the back of her hand draped melodramtically over her forehead).

Maybe I start too early with the whole Holiday Spirit thing. I start getting excited in October! I just love the whole fall season--Halloween leading to Thanksgiving leading to Christmas. The anticipation is the best part. That's why depression during and after the holidays is so common, I guess.

So, I'm going to try some things differently next year. And if I write it here, maybe I'll remember to do it:

1. I'm not making a Christmas list. This has become a real point of frustration for me. I'm always asked for a list, then I get teased about said list. I get teased about what I put on it, that I make it clear what I really want, that I tell where to get said gifts and what colors and sizes, and that I even make a list. Then, I don't get anything on my list. Except from my brother. He always seems to get me exactly what I want, even if I don't specify it--so thanks, Jason. But the rest of the time, I'm just teased about it. So, no more. I don't care what I get, so figure it out on your own. And I don't think I'm that difficult to buy for. I have TONS of hobbies and things I like. Knitting, writing, reading, scrapbooking, quilting, cooking, music, movies, farming, dogs, celtic stuff, purses and shoes. How difficult could it be?

2. I'm not decorating until the 10th at least. Maybe that way I won't be so tired of everything by the time Christmas gets here.

3. I'm going to find some charities or hospitals or somewhere to donate cookies I bake. I love to bake and I need an outlet. Al doesn't seem to want to take things in to work because there is so much there already, and I certainly can't have them sitting around the house so that I'll eat them. There's a woman in Michigan or Minnisotta, or some where who bakes 300 dozen cookies each Christmas to give to charities and people at work. She's my new hero and role model.

4. I'm going to find time to spend with my friends. I never had that lunch with the ladies like I wanted. I'm going to actually plan it--maybe a cookie swap? Maybe it will start a new tradition.

5. I'm not putting Christmas presents out until Christmas Eve. When gifts come in, I'm going to put them in a closet, and I'm going to tell Al that he can't put my gifts out until Christmas Eve, too. Part of that Christmas Magic is gone because there's nothing new under the tree, and I've figured out what a lot of them are by the time I open them. Or at least I think I have. I fought hard to stop believing in Santa, and I've been sad ever sent. I admit that I was in college before Mom asked if she could please stop putting the gifts out while I was asleep on Christmas Eve. Party pooper. So, no presents under the tree until Christmas Eve.

As I think of others I'll add them to the list, but that's the main ones. I'm going to take control! And I'm going to stop this depression cycle that comes with Christmas.

So, that's all for now. Daily Dog is having a barking contest with the dogs up the street, so I think I should intervene.


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