Thursday, November 05, 2009

Guest Bath Re-do is now Re-done!

After a long couple of weeks of working on it when we could, the updating and re-do of the guest bath is complete! Al worked so hard, and we both learned a helluvalot. Al learned the most because he did the majority of the work. We're taking all the old stuff that still works and leftover materials to the ReStore for Habitat for Humanity.

What we did:

New floor
New countertop
New faucet
New tile backsplash
New cabinet handles
New paint
New frame around the mirror
New lights
New accessories (towel rod, towels, switchplates, shower curtain...)



Cosette likes it, too, especially the new soft bathmats.


betty said...

Looks good! You and Al did a great job.

KathyA said...

Lovely! We're approaching a reno on our hall bathroom. Kind of overwhelming.

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