Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas is for children. But it is for grownups too. Even if it is a headache, a chore, and nightmare, it is a period of necessary defrosting of chill and hide-bound hearts.
--Lenora Mattingly Weber

I'm not ready for it to be Christmas. I don't mean I still have shopping or wrapping or anything like that, I mean I don't want it to be Christmas yet. I want another week to enjoy it all some more. What with Thanksgiving being so late and the ice storm and snow we've had, there just didn't seem to be enough time to really enjoy the season. I'm not ready for the commercials to be over or the Christmas shows or the Christmas movies to stop running. The radio station will return to it's usual line up and the stores will throw all their Christmas stuff into big bargain bins.

No, I'm not ready for it to be Christmas, but here it is. So, I'll enjoy these last couple of days to the fullest, literally and figuratively considering the dinner I'm planning.

I also didn't post as much as I wanted to this season. So, here are some photos to illustrate what's been going on this festive season.

Decorated for Christmas. We got a bigger tree last year, so I bought more ornaments at the after-Christmas sales last year. I got frustrated while decorating, thinking it looked awful, then I turned on the lights. Oh, it was so pretty. It's amazing how prettier it looks with lights on.

Christmas baking--I love this part of the season. I didn't do as much as I usually do. But it still kept me busy.

I baked for Al's office, making the usual Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chocolate Chip Snowballs

I also made the easiest candy ever. Here's the recipe: Melt a 12-oz package of semi-sweet chocolate chips, stir in 1 cup of peanut butter, stir in a cup or so of dry roasted, salted peanuts. Spoon into mini muffin cups, then put in to refrigerator until cool and solid. I put them in muffin tins, but you don't really have to.

The craftroom exploded with presents, packaging, and wrapping.

Made my first Gingerbread House. I used a kit to make it easier on myself. Next year, I'm doing my own thing. I might even make it while everyone is here for Thanksgiving so they can join in the fun.

Took Christmas photos of Cosette. Some might call it torture, but we gave her the treats we were holding in front of her to make her stay.

Until she just couldn't take it any more.

Knitted presents--neckwarmers, the cutest hat ever, and an afghan for the in-laws.

Had our first snow, but it started out as mostly ice. It's still around since our temperatures haven't risen much above 10 degrees.

Cosette looked out the frosted storm door.

Enjoyed a glass of Samual Smith's Winter Warmer Christmas Ale

And enjoyed a Christmas Brunch with friends.

It was a pretty full holiday season!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Betty said...

I love your gingerbread house. And, Cosette looks so cute in her antlers and Santa hat. Wish we could be there. And, may I say that we noticed that you didn't do as much baking as usual? lol That's ok, though. Jay made some yummy fudge.

Karen said...

Merry Christmas Kell and Al and Cosette. :)

Anonymous said...

It looks a lot like Christmas to me, reading this post!

Merry Christmas!

Kathy said...

You have been one busy lady! I hope you can take some time now to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
I know what you mean about not wanting it to be Christmas Day. I love Christmas Eve and just like to bask in the glow of the lights...
By the way, may I have a cookie or two, please? :)
Merry Christmas.

Michelle said...

Merry Christmas to you, Al, and Cosette! Your post looks so festive and delish. :)