Saturday, November 01, 2008

John McCain Broke My Heart

I have lost all respect for a man whom 8 years ago, I thought about voting for. Even though my Daddy would have haunted me from his grave if I would ever dare vote Republican, I actually thought that if he won the Republican race, I might vote for McCain over Gore.

What happened to that man? How did he get replaced by this fear-mongering, hate-mongering old man who seems to have completely forgotten what it means to be an American? When did his ego overtake his senses? I realize this has been a long time coming. McCain actually finally lost my respect last year with the whole "safely walking down the street of Bagdad" debacle that he tried to back track on.

Yes, yes. McCain has had a poorly run campaign. But he picked that team and he goes along with whatever they want him to do. Obviously, his judgement is impaired.

His leadership skills leave a lot to be desired, too. McCain has led the GOP into producing particularly vicious attacks this election. Guilt by (no) association--Ayers and Khalidi. Guilt by innuendo--ad to tie Obama to Iran. Fear mongering--Obama's view on immigration will lead to another 9/11. Questioning Obama's patriotism. Trying to claim voter fraud, but not being able to name an instance. McCain backing up Joe the Plumber who agreed that "a vote for Obama is a vote for the "death of Israel" then the GOP put the phrase on a flyer. Robocalls! My God I can't even begin to list them all, so go here to see.

But the worst, the very worst is a flyer sent out insinuating that Obama will bring on another holocaust. Go here to see the flyer the GOP put out in Philadelphia.

Of course, it doens't stop with just Obama. We all know how Michelle Bachmann questioned Obama's and other democrats' patriotism, calling for an investigation of their views. And now Elizabeth Dole has run two TWO ads trying to link Hagen to a fundraiser that was not put on by the "Godless Americans" group.

I just can't stand it. I'm embarrassed for him. Do you think he really knows the hate he is spewing and that he is pandering to that low, dark, ugly place that many humans don't want to admit exists and that he is encouraging others to do so?

Let me put it in an analogy Senator McCain would understand. In the military, when someone screws up, he is reprimanded. Also held at fault is the squadron commander because it was on his watch and he is ultimately responsible for what happens. And if it's a really big screw up, the wing commander is also be held responsible and maybe even the base commander.

So, Senator McCain. All of this happened on your watch and you are ultimately responsible for the actions of your team and your organization. Will you take responsibility?


Betty said...

Excellent post, Kelley! By the way, you'd better be glad you didn't vote for McCain back then because your father spinning in his grave wouldn't have affected you very much, but your alive mother would still be yapping at you about it! lol Apparently, McCain has never been held accountable for anything, remember all those planes he crashed?

Jay said...

Don't worry, dad will be haunting me now since I voted AGAINST Mark Pryor. ;-)

Kathy said...

Very articulately stated! I, too was angered at the pandering to peoples' fears. We all have the right to our opinions, but as Patrick Moynihan said, we don't have the right to make up facts.