Sunday, September 16, 2007

Quick Weekend Wrap Up

We'll return to Italy in a couple of days. I've almost finished with the whole write up so I can post a little every day for a while to complete the trip.

It was a good weekend. The weather was G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! It's amazing how much better I feel when it's sunny and 63 with a cool breeze blowing. It's perfect Miata weather, and I drove every where, always taking the long way around. The reality for most women with a convertible is that we all kind of look like Bridget Jones when the the car comes to a stop--dry, tangled hair is every where and the face is dry and chaffed--but it's not quite that bad for me, luckily, so I love it. The only downfall is that neither the CD nor the tape player work in the Miata so I have to listen to (gasp!) the radio. Not good.

The "Born to Be Wild" hubby went for a ride on his motorcycle, ending up at the motorcycle shop to hang out with the other Wild Ones. Before he left, he said that when he got back we could do something together. So our conversation went

Me: Great! Where do you wanna go?
Hubby: I don't know. No where you wanna go, so where do you wanna go?
Me: No where you wanna go, so what do we do?
Hubby: We need to find a motorcycle shop with a yarn store next door.

So we went to the bookstore--something for everyone!

Sunday, Al went to a dirt bike school and found a whole new favorite activity. I see another motorcycle in our future. I knew he was going to love riding off road. Hopefully, he'll wait until we find out how much it's going to cost to keep our basement water-free before he seriously thinks about buying something else to put in the garage.

I, on the other hand, did my good deeds by helping out at a membership class at the church, attended the second service, and helped prepare craft kits for an Advent event (we set up tables for kids to do craft projects) in December. The sermon today was one of those that makes me think and evaluate my life. God, I hate that.

But the best, the very best thing about the weekend is that we had pancakes for dinner Sunday night. We're adults, we can do that. And here's a little tip for ya. Hershey's has put out Cinnamon Chips--like chocolate chips but smaller and made of cinnnnnnnnnnomon.

And they are really good in pancakes. But sprinkle them on top of the batter in the pan instead of in the bowl of batter. They just hold up better, and you can control spacing them apart so you get a little cinnamon all over instead of a blob in one spot.

You can also get cinnamon chips from the King Arthur flour website, one my favorite websites ever to just browse and daydream. I think I'm going to make some oatmeal cookies with these chips. And maybe sugar cookies. And maybe in some apple muffins. The possibilities!

Oh, and I watched the latest Dr. Who, which I had recorded because Al isn't the Dr. Who fan I am, or the David Tennant fan, for that matter. And with him riding in the dirt, I could watch it in peace. This episode scared me to death! Lordy! Wheeping Angel statues that come to life when you blink. And they have pointy fangs and reach out for you and every time you look away and look back they are closer to you. It was great! It was the kind of scary like that little boy in the gas mask episode when Christopher Eccelston was the doctor--Are you my mommy? *shudder*

OK, so if you're not a Dr. Who fan either, you'll have no idea what I was just talking about, but if you get a chance to see the "Blink" episode, watch it because it was really cool.

Back to Italy next time. Rambling with pictures.


Peggy said...

Are those chips CHOCOLATE with cinnamon?

I love this time of year!

her indoors said...

the cinnamon chocolate chips sound lovely.
you are right about the Dr Who with the Angels, that sure was spooky.
looking forward to the next Italy installment.
guess where i am going in october?
no afraid it is not Italy, somewhere else you enjoy, go on the i will tell you Scotland yipee!

Kell said...

Peggy--no, they aren't chocolate, but they look like that, even though they are a lighter brown. And they have the consistency of a chocolate chip but the taste of cinnamon. It's pretty wild. I expected them to be more like crystalized ginger or toffee bits.

her indoors--yea! Have a great time. We keep talking about going back next year for the Islay whisky festival or something, but we gotta see how much the basement is going to cost, first.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Uh... ok. Miata? Jealous! Husband leaving you alone for a few hours? Doubly jealous! Bookstore? Kick ass! Cinnamon chips? Going to try those next weekend! Dr. Who? You watch Dr. Who too? I have gone through life up to this point thinking that only my brother and I watched it. Yee haw!

Kell said...

Queen--maybe we were separated at birth? Except for the whole me being donkey years older than you thing.

Lena said...

I must admit, Kell, I was never a Dr.Who fan until the gorgeous David Tennant came along! The Weeping Angels episode was voted the scariest episode ever in Britain recently, and even I shit meself watching it!

If you ever get the chance to watch David in a drama called Recovery, then give it a go. He plays a road accident victim left with brain damage. It's a touching, and at times funny story, of how his family struggle to cope with his condition. Very moving too. And he uses his full blown Scottish accent in it! I could go on all day about him - so on to my next similar addiction - Hersheys!!

My local shop has started to sell Hershey produce and I can't get enough of the the white chocolate with cookie chips bars. I hope the Cinnamon bikkie's come about soon as I love the stuff, too! I'm happy to keep my cellulite when such guys are available! Small worlds, Kell?

Kell said...

Lena--I'll be on the lookout for that movie. I'm a big Christopher Eccelston fan, so I was a little wary of this new guy, but I really, really like him. Wish he got to speak in his own accent more often, though.

Jay said...

I love cookies. ;-)

Newt said...

Oh, I am SO glad I wasn't the only one wetting my pants over that episode of Dr. Who. And with the hubster out of town, oh man! It was a great episode, I loved it. But it scared the bejeezus out of me. And you are right, when I was watching it I was thinking to myself that it actually out creeped the "mommy" episode.

I was a little worried too about the new guy but I love him. LOVE LOVE LOVE him. If they had to get a new one, he was an excellent choice. He plays the part fantastic.

Nettie said...

going to have to try the chips. My daughter would love that. You don't ride bitch on that motorcycle? Oh how I miss riding bitch.

Kell said...

Jay--maybe I'll share!

Newt--Yep, I like him, too. I'm not real wild about this new companion yet, though. I liked Billie Piper more.

Nettie--I will someday, as soon as I can get my nerve up!